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Renaissance Farms Llamas is located in the beautiful Ozarks of Southwest Missouri and has expanded over the years from 20 mostly wooded acres to over 250 acres with multiple pastures, woodland, rock outcroppings and some beautiful views.

Our llama farm began in 1994 when we purchased our first llama. She was an adult light wool appaloosa named Poki-dot. The seller delivered her to us, tied her to a tree, and left. She had apparently never been handled or on a halter except to be sold so needless to say that day was quite an experience for both her and us! What was remarkable to us after that first day was how easy it was to train her and gain her trust. Her intelligence, gentleness, and patience with us while we learned about these wonderful animals quickly changed us from owning this one animal to wanting and purchasing many more! We still have her (she helps babysit the weanlings) and even though we own many llamas, she will always hold a very special place in our hearts. She is the one who started us on this journey and lifestyle.

Our herd at any given time will average between 70-90 llamas of many diverse and proven bloodlines, some spanning five generations on our farm. The herd consists of medium, heavy, silky, and suri fibered llamas which include many show winners, a Grand National Champion, and even a World Futurity Champion. That means we can provide almost any type of llama you may want. We continually strive to breed for the best in structure, temperament, and fiber. Our goal is to raise quality llamas at an affordable price along with service after the sale. Every purchase includes halter, lead, and an information packet for beginners.

At Renaissance Farms Llamas we are actively involved in many aspects of the llama industry. From the original formation of the Ozark Empire Fair Llama Show and the Ozark Llama Classic Show and Sale, participating in shows and futurities, being active members of numerous camelid organizations, and attending special seminars where we continually strive to learn the most updated information on camelid neonatal, medical research, and training.

For those interested in a particular llama and its fiber we can sometimes provide a fiber sample upon request. Give us a call! 

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